Conceptualize A.I.

A.I. Film Tools


Runway - The ultimate AI tool for filmmakers, with everything from text-to-video editing, easy rotoscoping, object removal, and even text-to-video generation.

Wonder Studio - A powerful AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into live-action scenes.

Eleven Labs - AI speech generator that turns your text into hyper-realistic speech.

Adobe Firefly - Easily change the color, time of day, or season in your video clips by typing, create AI generated storyboards, and even have it automatically find and add b-roll to your edits.

GPT-4 - The pinnacle of AI tools by OpenAI. Just type in what you want it to do, and it can create everything from story ideas, to shotlists, to breakdowns of new filmmaking techniques you want to learn, and even entire scripts.

Beatoven - An online music generation website that will generate new songs for you to use in your videos, even if you have no music skills whatsoever.

Creative Reality Studio - Take a photo or image of any person or character, and Creative Reality Studio will turn that into a digital video presenter with the click of a button. - An AI-powered visual reference library equipped with AI tagging so you never have to manually organize your images again.

Adobe Podcast - Effortlessly record audio and podcasts with AI-powered tools that increase quality, and automatically transcribe your audio so it can be edited simply by editing the text. - Capture high quality motion capture data from video in any environment using mobile phones with no need for markers, mocap suits, or studio equipment.

Descript - An AI-powered video editing platform that allows you to edit your videos by editing the text.

Imagine 3D - An AI text-to-3D model generator by Luma Labs.


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Papercup - An AI platform that artificially creates voiceovers and dubs for your videos, even in other languages.

SOUNDRAW - An AI-powered music generation tool that allows you to create custom, royalty-free music for your films and videos. - Easily create videos from text of digital humans that can speak in over 120 languages.

Flim - An AI-powered fully searchable image database of stills from movies, TV series, music videos and commercials.

Plask - A browser animation software and editing tool that lets you create motion capture animations with just your webcam. - An AI video editing program that lets you search through the content of your videos using text.

TrueSync - Uses AI to perfectly match the lips of characters to match the dialogue of dubs in other languages.

HeyGen - An AI-powered text-to-video generator that lets you turn any text into a video narrated by a digital human.

Vrew - An online, AI-powered video editing platform that lets you edit your videos by editing the text.

Pixop - An AI service that lets you easily fix noisy, grainy or terrible looking footage, in addition to the ability to remaster, upscale and remove noise.

DeepBrain AI - Allows you to create and use fully digital humans in your videos by simply typing in what you want them to say.

Pictory - A cloud-based, AI-powered video editing platform that allows you to edit the videos by editing the text.

Topaz Video AI - Easily upscale, enhance, denoise, increase the frame rate without artifacts, or slow down your video clips.

Make-A-Video - Meta’s entry into the text-to-video generation space that allows you to generate new videos using text prompts.

Rokoko Video - An AI motion capture tool that allows you to easily record motion capture with just your cell phone.



AutoPod - Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro that will edit your podcasts and interviews for you, remove silence with the click of a button, automatically make social media clips from your videos and more.

Metahuman Creator - Create hyperrealistic digital humans to be used in Unreal Engine.

ShotDeck - A massive visual library of searchable film stills available for research, reference, inspiration and education.

EbSynth - Paint the first frame of your video clip, and EbSynth will apply that style to all the remaining frames in the clip to create stunning animated paintings from your videos.

FILM CRUX+ - Access to every FILM CRUX Product, mindblowing exclusive content, free stuff for filmmakers and more.

MasterClass - Learn directly from some of the best filmmakers in the world, including James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and more.

Saturation - Easily manage your budgets, payments, film accounting and more with the future of film production management.

Jitter - A web-based motion design tool that allows you to easily create motion graphics right in your browser.

Adobe Character Animator - Animate in real time, without needing to know animation.

TV Tropes - A massive database of every trope in existence that’s essentially a secret weapon for filmmakers, writers and storytellers.

Rotato - A drag-and-drop 3D mockup generator that lets you easily create animated motion design.

Linus - An app by Landon Bytheway designed specifically for filmmakers to shotlist their films, create moodboards, make packing lists and more.

Polycam - Scan real-life objects with your phone, and easily turn them into 3D models you can use in any VFX program.

DJI LiDAR - A robotic focus puller that can turn any manual lens, into an autofocus lens using LiDAR, which can also keep your subject framed without you needing to touch the camera.

Voice123 - Easily find professional voice actors from all over the world who you can contact directly for your next project.

TurboRender - An online, cloud-rendering service that lets you upload your project files and renders them for you.

Womp - Easy to use, browser-based 3D modeling designed to be intuitive and minimalistic.

Riveo - A special effects video editing and creation app that lets you make incredible videos on your phone with ease.

Character Creator 4 - Make hyper-realistic characters for films, animation, games, the metaverse and more.

Woojer - Haptic feedback devices that let you feel the movies you watch, the games you play or the music you listen to. - Easily collaborate and get feedback on your videos with team members, collaborators and client from anywhere in the world.

InVideo - An online video editor that simplifies video editing with fully customizable, ready-made templates.