This is the name that was given to me because I was born. Once I was done with getting out of the womb, I grew up and that led to me illustrating and designing things.

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Unleash Your Creativity at the Conceptualize Film Fest, in Collaboration with BREATHE! Convention

Welcome to the Conceptualize Film Fest, in collaboration with BREATHE! Convention!

The Conceptualize Film Fest, in partnership with BREATHE! Convention, is a celebration of the art of filmmaking and the power of storytelling. This unique collaboration combines the creative vision of Conceptualize AI with the dynamic energy of BREATHE! Convention, resulting in an immersive and inspiring film festival experience.

At the Conceptualize Film Fest, we believe in the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for filmmakers to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. Together with BREATHE!, we aim to amplify the impact of our festival by offering a platform that reaches a diverse and engaged audience of film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovators.

Here's what you can expect at the Conceptualize Film Fest, in collaboration with BREATHE! Convention:

  1. Film Screenings: Experience a diverse range of films from emerging talents and established filmmakers. Our carefully curated selection includes narrative films, documentaries, animations, and experimental works that push the boundaries of storytelling.

  2. Industry Panels and Workshops: Engage with industry experts, filmmakers, and thought leaders through panel discussions, workshops, and masterclasses. Explore the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in filmmaking and gain valuable insights to enhance your craft.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow filmmakers, producers, distributors, and industry professionals during networking events and social gatherings. Forge meaningful connections, collaborate on future projects, and expand your professional network.

  4. Awards and Recognition: Celebrate excellence in filmmaking as we recognize outstanding contributions in various categories. From Best Film to Best Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, and more, our awards honor exceptional talent and creativity.

  5. Filmmaker Resources: Access valuable resources and information to support your filmmaking journey. Learn about funding opportunities, distribution strategies, marketing techniques, and other essential aspects of the industry.

  6. Audience Engagement: Engage with a passionate and diverse audience who appreciates the art of cinema. Interact with film enthusiasts, receive feedback on your work, and participate in audience choice awards.

The Conceptualize Film Fest, in collaboration with BREATHE! Convention, is an immersive and inspiring experience that celebrates the magic of cinema. Join us as we bring together the best of filmmaking talent and celebrate the power of storytelling.

Stay tuned for updates on film submissions, festival dates, and exciting announcements. We can't wait to showcase your films and celebrate the art of filmmaking at the Conceptualize Film Fest, in collaboration with BREATHE! Convention!

  1. Innovation: This is a festival dedicated to the future of cinema, so we are particularly interested in projects that demonstrate innovative uses of technology in film creation, distribution, or audience engagement. This could include use of AI, VR/AR, blockchain, quantum computing, or green technologies.

  2. Quality: Regardless of the technology used, we are looking for films that are well-made and tell a compelling story. This includes aspects such as script, cinematography, sound design, editing, and acting performance.

  3. Relevance: Submissions should be relevant to the category they are submitted to. For example, a film submitted to the VR and AR category should be designed for viewing in VR or AR.

  4. Impact: We are interested in films that have a potential impact on the viewer, the industry, or society. This could be through the film's message, its potential to change industry practices, or its ability to reach new audiences.

  5. Feasibility: For workshops and panel discussions, we are looking for proposals that are feasible to implement during the festival. This includes considering the proposed format, the speaker's expertise, and the potential interest from the festival attendees.

  6. Diversity and Representation: We value diversity and representation in film. We will consider the representation of diverse voices, perspectives, and stories in the films and projects themselves, as well as among the filmmakers and creators.

  7. Sustainability: For submissions in the Green Screenings category, we will also consider the sustainability practices of the film production process.

These criteria will guide our selection process to ensure we bring the most innovative, high-quality, and impactful films and projects to our festival attendees.

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